Be Still – Week 1

Exodus 14:14
The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.

It is easy to read this scripture and think God is saying not to do anything. However, in my
experience it is the opposite. Through my pain, being still has meant placing my trust in God.
Anchoring myself to Him. Hebrews 6:19 reminds us, we have this Hope as an anchor for our
soul, firm and secure. Where I choose to be anchored is where I am placing my trust, hope and
faith that I will be steady and safe. When I can be still, place my trust in Christ, I give Him the
space to fight for me. It takes a daily reminder to say – God, I believe in your promises, I
surrender my life’s circumstance to you.

This scripture tells the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt with Pharaoh and his
army was chasing them. The Israelites are cornered with the Red Sea in front and Pharaoh’s
army on the opposite side. The Israelites afraid began complaining to Moses. How often do we
look at our circumstance and complain to God. We may even blame Him for our situation.
Moses tells the Israelites to not be afraid. To stand firm and watch the deliverance of God. As
Moses calls on God tells Moses to raise his staff, stretch out his hands and divide the Red Sea
for the Israelites to cross. Exodus 14:? It was in that moment the Israelites saw God fighting for
them, all they need to do was, “Be Still”.

Trusting God to fight your battles is going to require you to get up, dust yourself off and move
forward when what’s in front looks scary.

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