Back to Basics – Week 1

Have you ever felt that you need a “reset” to get things on the right track? As humans we sometimes need to re-evaluate our actions and be sure as individuals, we are following what God wants for our life. That thought takes me back to a song from a group I listened to growing up, 4Him.

We need to get back To the basics of life
A heart that is pure And a love that is blind
A faith that is fervently grounded in Christ
The hope that endures for all time.

We as individuals are not the only ones that need to get back to basics. Sometimes businesses, churches, and even non-profit organizations need to re-evaluate and be willing to go back to those “simpler” times and make changes. Changes are never easy, but sometimes are a necessary part of growing, or reaching your goal.

Back to Basics – Week 2

So, what does “back to the basics” have to do with Reach Out Speak Out? As a board, we have decided to go back to our roots of how Reach Out Speak Out was initially envisioned. This means some adjustments in how we do some things. Our mission is “to help women in need of assistance due to domestic violence; to provide shelter, food, clothing, and the necessities of life; to provide information through books and counseling; to enlist the help of other professionals with domestic violence experience; to speak at faith-based organizations and other community meetings regarding the warning signs of domestic violence.”

This is who we are, and always will be. How we accomplish this moving forward is one thing we are prayerfully making some tweaks on. Next week will show what is changing and how you can help.

Back to Basics – Week 3

Going back to basics related to our mission (see last week’s blog for more on the mission) means enlisting help from YOU, and look for our community and churches to help. We need your BOGO extras to donate to our families. We need your encouraging words written to our clients on holidays, special occasions and in between. We need your creativity in putting baskets together for our auction. We need your time for delivering supplies to our families. We need prayer warrior. We need your organizational skills to plan and organize. We need your talents as mechanics, medical professionals, lawyers, plumbers, etc. who can donate a service to our families in need. We need your donations and time for our fundraisers. WE. NEED. YOU. Period.

We need your time….talent….and treasure.

Back to Basics – Week 4

Reach Out Speak Out cannot continue to reach new clients we know are out there without your help. We have several committed board members who are passionate about what we do. We need to get back to those basics where we had people helping with time, talents, treasures. We, the board of Reach Out Speak Out cannot do this alone. We want to reach more women and families that need to hear that they are worth the effort and “trouble” of leaving an abusive relationship, knowing there is help available, and no matter what God loves them and wants the best.

To accomplish that, we need more people stepping in for an hour, a day, a few days throughout the year. Donate that “GO” of the BOGO sale, ask your friends and families for donations of gift baskets, gift cards, time, and prayers for families working to find their
“new normal”.

Come support the mission of Reach Out Speak Out and help us help more victims become survivors.


Our family has always been a charitable family.  I was taught at a young age no matter what you think someone always has it worse than you.  Just read the paper or watch the news each day.  Violence, diseases, and sickness make up most of what we see and read.

There is a saying that goes like this:

If you and group of people threw all your problems in a pile, after reading them you would take yours back because theirs are just as bad if not worse than yours.  Also, you do not know what happens in my house and I do not know what happens in your house.

I really believe this is true as I have witnessed so many others suffering whether it is from child abuse, domestic violence, or some other form of abuse. 

When I began to get involved with Reach Out Speak Out, I really didn’t realize the extraordinary need for faith-based people to come together to end the cycle of domestic abuse.  I’m astonished that some religions suggest that when you get married, no matter what happens, you cannot leave your spouse.  Obviously, this is not the case, and God would never want someone to be abused for any reason. 

When I was a victim of domestic violence, my devout Irish Catholic mother was my number one advocate.  She did everything in her power to make me see that this was not right, and I needed to get away.  It took more than a year, but she never gave up and was finally able to break the cycle.  So many others are either alone or afraid to leave.  Getting involved is so important in breaking the cycle of domestic abuse and getting the help these victims need.  Remember someone always has it worse off than you do.

Getting Involved

Getting Involved

I began getting involved in Reach Out Speak Out about five or six years ago.   Full disclosure Jan, the founder, is my cousin.  Unfortunately like many others it was close to my heart having been the victim of domestic violence myself.  Thankfully, with the help of my family I was able to leave the situation and move on to have a wonderful life with my husband and three children.  Although I moved on, the scars never go away.  Most people do not understand that part of it.  It lasts forever.  The simplest things can remind you of the past.

I was very open with my children about my past history of being a victim domestic violence.  I wanted them to know the warning signs and be prepared if they were ever in the same situation.

I Began With…

I began with a family gift card drive for Reach Out Speak Out every Christmas.  My children were all in high school and had jobs.  I explained to them about the importance of the charity, and they became willing participants in the gift card drive.  You would think it took some prodding, but I must say they would be the ones who’d end up saying when are we sending the gift cards to Reach Out Speak Out.  Now as my children get older and get married and become more established in their lives, they have really taken their role in the charity very seriously.    They have involved their significant others and their families as well.  They all understand the importance of helping people get out of these situations and getting their lives back on track.  So now we do the family/extended family gift card drive and we also contribute to the Purple Passion by contributing to the gift baskets that get raffled off.  I think this year we sent 6 or 7 baskets to help our friends in need.  I even got my boss involved by paying the FedEx cost to ship the baskets as I live in Cleveland, Ohio.

Victims Need Help

Victims of domestic violence are often unable to help themselves.  My family and I are proud to be able to assist them by giving to Reach Out Speak Out.


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