Be Still – Week 3

Mark 4:39
He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died
down and it was completely calm.

At times life can be a strong storm. The storms will be loud and distracting and all you
want is for them to quiet down. Life storms generate fear and worry.

This scripture tells the power of Jesus quieting the storm. After a day of teaching, they got into
a boat and were crossing the Sea of Galilee when a big storm threatened to sink the boat. The
disciples, afraid, wakes Jesus and He quiets the storm. Jesus then turns to the disciples and
asks, “Why are you afraid”?

In life today, our How many times do you cry out to God, like the disciples did, “do You not care
if I drown?” As normal humans, we only see the here and now that is visible. We cannot see
around the corner or into the future. No matter how big the problem is, God is going to take
care of you. Tell yourself the words that Jesus said: “Quiet! Be Still!” Do not allow yourself to
get worked up into a frenzy of fear and worry.

Yes, the storms of life are large and the waves are ominous, but God is bigger. God is in control.
Have faith in Him. God will take care of you, no matter how bad it gets.

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