Building A New Life After Domestic Violence

Happy peaceful womanSo, you’ve done it. You’ve left your violent partner, gotten emergency help and you are on the road to a new and safer life for yourself and your children. Congratulations, you’ve shown incredible courage and strength and you deserve a pat on the back. It isn’t always an easy road. You … and your children if they were involved … have been through a very traumatic experience and you may need help for quite some time. Accept the help if it is offered, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Take part in group therapy, seek out counseling and support groups. Search for internet resources where DV survivors get together online and chat.

Don’t jump into a new relationship too soon. You need time to heal, both mentally and physically before you are ready to be a part of a new relationship. You need to learn to trust again. Research shows that women who form new relationships too soon after abuse are more vulnerable to new abuse. Take your time. There’s no rush. It is important that you are OK with being with yourself before you add another person to the mix.

You may be feeling that you will never be able to trust again. You may be thinking that all men are alike and that you will never feel safe in a relationship again. Believe me, you WILL feel better and be able to move on. It is different lengths of time for different people.

Sadly, domestic violence toward women is something that happens, but it is something that you CAN and WILL get over. Just don’t do it alone. Make the most of all the help that is readily available to you.

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