Difficult Conversations – Week 1

Difficult Conversations/Difficult People

(How to have that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding)

Week 1

When you think about the characteristics of a difficult person…what words or phrases come to your mind? Obnoxious, hurtful, demeaning, invasive, irritable, rigid, selfish,disrespectful, pushy, insensitive, etc? These are just a few descriptions of people we sometimes encounter. Maybe you are thinking of the critical parent that questions all your decisions about how you are raising your child or the “control freak” who wants to control everything and everybody. And what about the manipulator who does and says whatever they can to pressure you into doing what they want and if you don’t, they get mad, withhold love and try to control you with their anger.

Perhaps you are thinking about that friend that keeps you on the phone for hours even after you have tried to hang up.

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