Difficult Conversations – Week 2

Difficult Conversations/Difficult People

(How to have that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding)

Week 2

Well, we have all encountered different situations and people in our lives that are hard to deal with…some are more toxic than others, but the truth is that we must learn to deal with the people who are not respecting us, not valuing who we are and who are STEALING OUR PEACE! Romans 12:18 says “If it is possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.” The key word here is the word “if.

The truth here is that sometimes it is not possible to live at peace with some people. So how do we deal with those people and those difficult situations? Do we just let it go, hoping they will change or do we just allow our anger to turn into resentment? We all know that ignoring a problem doesn’t usually solve a problem or make it go away. So what do we do?

I would like to give you some practical ways to counteract these negative behaviors. Remember, the goal is to preserve the relationship, “if at all possible,” as the scripture says.

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