I’m Out-Now What? – Week 2

Too often survivors are rushed into forgiveness. This is not wise because it is what I call easy forgiveness. Unless the severity of the offense has been dealt with in detail the forgiveness is only superficial, and the survivor is never truly set free.

My advice for survivors is to participate in after care that is tailored towards your situation. I am convinced that professional
counseling, trauma counseling, domestic violence support groups, and being able to tell your story in a nonjudgmental environment will go a long way in helping victims become healthy.

Pastor Neely sits on the Advisory Committe for Reach Out Speak Out, FPEDV ( Florida Program Ending Domestic Violence,
Hillsborough County Domestic Violence Task Force, Faith counselor for the Spring of Tampa Bay , is the lead pastor atNew Millennium Community Church and is the author of Black Eyes and Sweet Talk

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