We are privileged to include testimonials from some of those who have been helped by Reach Out Speak Out. We thank them for their courage and for allowing us to help.

From H

When I was in the middle of the deepest crisis of my life, Reach Out Speak Out came beside me and gave me hope. Many times, they stopped at my house and left groceries and paper products. They offered much encouragement while I was going through a difficult, dark divorce. On tough days, I know that I can text any one of the ROSO team and I will receive prayer and words of hope when circumstances feel too heavy to bear. During Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons ROSO supplied gift cards, and food for me and my three children. Our holidays would have been extremely scarce if it were not for their help. They also have lifted the expensive burden of back to school shopping for my three preteen/teens. I was able to grow from surviving to thriving with the help of Reach Out Speak Out and the resources and encouragement. 

From A

I was a mess and I found myself living in a place that was scary and in the middle of nowhere. I just knew I needed to get out of my circumstances with my son and was more afraid to stay than what was out in the world to possibly hurt me. I was enrolled in a college and was going to have to quit even though I was in my last semester. A counselor at the college thought something was happening to me and told Reach Out Speak Out about my circumstance. They immediately came to my rescue. They were very kind and knew that I was afraid to actually meet someone I didn’t know and the first time and for several other times, they literally met me in a parking lot and gave me food and health needs and a gentlemen also placed a $20 bill in my hand as they were leaving. We then knew I was comfortable with them, they invited me to go to lunch with them and see what exactly my needs were. Because of Reach Out Speak Out I am a survivor. And, I was able to graduate from school. I was in their five-year program and at the end of the five years, I was on my own and was able to buy a very small home. It was not always easy, but I knew that I could depend on Reach Out Speak Out. I really liked that they pushed me to make it on my own. They not only supplied us with groceries but birthday and Christmas gifts and even helped with my child’s graduation and prom. I am forever grateful for Reach Out Speak Out.

From M

As a single mother getting away from 6 1/2 years of being with an abusive husband. It was hard enough getting away, even harder with no support (friends, family.) I can’t remember the exact time Reach Out Speak Out stepped into our lives but I’m grateful they did. I know I cried a lot because I couldn’t believe that I was finally getting some help and someone cared. I was going to group therapy and stuff like that, but ROSO is different. They stepped in and physically helped my boys and I. What I mean by that is with the basic need’s food, money for bills, gas, and gifts for my boys on their birthday and holidays. 

I’m grateful for the school supplies they helped me with and school clothes for my boys when I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it. They played big part in the road to me becoming independent again. I was able to get all the debt paid off that I was in and get off cash assistance with the state. They didn’t ask for much in return. Just that I attended church every Sunday which is easy because I love going to church, and not to live with anyone of the opposite sex. 

I am grateful for Reach out Speak out not just being there to help us out physically but also being there if I needed an ear. I don’t have words for how incredibly amazing they are. I know that one day, I will be able to repay them by donating to their organization so that they can help many more women who are trying to get out of abusive situations. I hope to soon be in a place where I could volunteer for them or help in anyway. 

Thank you, for everything. For being there for me and my kids and not giving up on me. Thank you for encouraging me and pushing me to keep going forward. I really can’t say thank you enough. I have come a long way and I’m grateful that ROSO played a big part in that. God has used you to help me and I know he will use you to help many other women like me!