We all hear about starting something new when the calendar rolls over to another new year. Most are not kept for more than three weeks. And those that are determined will stick it out for a couple of months. But what if we really wanted to make a change in our lives. What if we understood that all things are possible with God. What if we didn’t try and do it on our own but placed our “new beginning” in the hands of God.

Along this new journey, God did not say it was going to go as we want it to go or even on our schedule. But we must remember that God’s schedule is perfect. Sometimes we must learn something before we can take any additional steps.

Are you ready to have a new beginning as you leave your abusive relationship? You can have new hope. The dreams that you dream about yourself can happen and you will be a new you. It is a journey. Reach Out Speak Out is faith based so all our hopes and dreams are with the intentions of what God wants in our lives. He wants the best for us. We do not see the path that is best for us all the time. Especially when we are in the middle of abuse. We have tried to “fix” the abuse. Many by becoming codependent and losing ourselves and who God wants us to be. His plans are perfect……even more perfect than our dreams. When we are in the middle of an abusive relationship, we forget that we are beautiful and perfect in God’s eyes. We have lowered our standards to try and stay in the relationship. We have changed and are usually totally exhausted from all the demands and put downs that we have endured through our abuse. This is not what God wants for you and your future. Remember, that God loved you so much that he sent His only son to die for you and for your sins. God loves you. His love is perfect. Trust that the new beginnings and journey with God will be exactly how the new you should be.

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