You know how it is for a new baby to first crawl and then take those baby steps before they can go outside and run and play? This is the way that we must look at our new beginnings.

There will be a lot of crying. Crying because we are hurting, crying because this life is new. Crying because we don’t feel it is going fast enough or we are not getting what we want. During the time of crying out, find those safe people that will come into your life. That you can express yourself and cry. That you can know that they will understand what you are going through and will be available to you while you are an infant in this new life that you are trying to move to.

It is okay to cry. It is okay to be sad. Just remember, this is a growing period and just like a new baby crying when they need something, you are in need of something.

As we go to our next stage of change, we will start crawling to what we see as our future. Sometimes we will fall right on our face, but we will continue to crawl and get to the thing that you are wishing and dreaming for. It is possible. A baby doesn’t give up trying to get what they see in their eyes are a need, they keep crawling toward it till they reach it. When we want a new beginning, we have a list on paper or in our heads and probably in our hearts. When you are crawling, it begins to seem obtainable.

What does the baby do after they have crawled all over the floor? Their legs start to get more strength so that they can begin pulling themself up off the floor. In our changes to become the new us, we gain strength. We gain strength in who we are, in our determination and we begin to be able to be on our own a little more and maneuver life’s challenges. Just a while back we were crying and didn’t know what to do and our hearts were hurting so bad. God is with us every single cry, crawl and step.

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