There is no real timetable. Each of us is different and has different circumstances and different needs. Many of us have been in an abusive relationship for a very long time. Don’t judge your recovery by someone else’s recovery. This is your life and your story. But I must say that God does not want us to get stuck. Sometimes we need to rest, restore and reflect. We need to be still and listen to God. Remember to always take time to thank Him for every step of this journey. Even the difficult ones.

As we spoke of the growth of a baby and they now have the strength to pull themselves up and start taking baby steps, before long the parents are not holding the baby or picking up the baby to get to where they need to go, the parents are running after the child to try and keep up with them. What is this stage in your recovery? You have found the new you, you are on the journey to grow and to find balance in your life. You are equipped and you are beginning to see your hope, dreams and a glimpse of the new you. Congratulations!

As you look back (and this is being covered over a month, but this journey may be all the 2024 calendar year), never lose focus and never stop growing to the new you. Breathe. The difficult part of your journey is over. Now it is time to be that new you. Our God is so good. Journal your thoughts. Do you remember that in 2023 that you were in an abusive relationship, you were crying every day, you could not see how this situation could be turned around? Look at you. You are actually smiling. Or….

Are you still in that abusive relationship and you are reading this thinking that you are not sure you can do it? Reach Out Speak Out has licensed trained therapists to help you in this journey. We will walk with you and help you to learn what true love is and what God’s perfect plan is for your life. But know that abuse is wrong, and it is never right to stay in an abusive relationship. We cannot fix the abuser. Many of us have tried for years and in return have lost ourselves.

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