Back to Basics – Week 4

Reach Out Speak Out cannot continue to reach new clients we know are out there without your help. We have several committed board members who are passionate about what we do. We need to get back to those basics where we had people helping with time, talents, treasures. We, the board of Reach Out Speak Out cannot do this alone. We want to reach more women and families that need to hear that they are worth the effort and “trouble” of leaving an abusive relationship, knowing there is help available, and no matter what God loves them and wants the best.

To accomplish that, we need more people stepping in for an hour, a day, a few days throughout the year. Donate that “GO” of the BOGO sale, ask your friends and families for donations of gift baskets, gift cards, time, and prayers for families working to find their
“new normal”.

Come support the mission of Reach Out Speak Out and help us help more victims become survivors.

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