Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

“Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing.” Irina Shayk

Family HolidaysFamily Holidays Aren’t Always Like On TV

But what if your family is not the safe, happy, “perfect” place it appears to be to others? Many people look forward to holidays with friends and family. Yes, you may have that “crazy” family member, that one strained relationship, that recent loss you’re still grieving. Imagine that stress all day, every day, with no warning what will set it off.

For many people in domestic violence relationships, this (holidays) is the most difficult time of year. The abuser has to be on their “best guest behavior” with all the extra family and friends around. They keep up the “perfect family” appearance until the last person leaves, then the floodgates open. Maybe it’s just the regular anger/abuse/frustration. Maybe it’s even worse because they had to “behave” longer than they’re used to.

After The Holidays

When the smiles and happiness of the holidays are over, what goes on behind the closed doors of those “perfect” families? It breaks my heart to think about it. And how hard many of these families work to keep up the appearance of being ok.

Do you know a “perfect” family that isn’t so perfect? One in four women is in a domestic violence relationship. Do you know someone in a domestic violence relationship that needs help? While we cannot help until or unless the abused person is ready for it, Reach Out Speak Out is here year-round to offer support, a listening ear and help. Find us on Facebook at or email us at [email protected]


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