Types of Domestic Violence

There are many kinds of domestic violence and destroys relationships. These relationships may include a spouse or intimate partner including dating relationships. It involves behavior on the part of one person to control and intimidate another.

This behavior, characterized as harassing, intimidating or threatening, can include actual or threatened physical assault, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or financial abuse.

Domestic violence includes actual physical violence, such as assault (pushing, choking, hitting, pinching, slapping, etc.). It also can include acts of sexual abuse (forcing or coercing someone into unwanted sexual activity-rape). These types of behaviors are criminal in most jurisdictions, and the person who engages in them can be arrested and charged, with or without the consent of the victim of the violence or abuse.

Domestic violence also includes harassing, intimidating and threatening behavior. This could include stalking, where one person repeatedly follows, watches or contacts another person. Domestic violence also includes verbal abuse, psychological abuse and emotional abuse.

This may involve name calling and putdowns. It might include isolating a person from his or her family and friends or refusing to allow him or her to get a job. It might entail financial abuse, such as withholding money or demanding that the other person account for every dollar spent.

Threatening loved ones is a common form of abuse, including threatening to harm or kill the victim, their children, their parents, their friends or even pets. Threats can sometimes include a threat to commit suicide.

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