Difficult Conversations – Week 3

Difficult Conversations/Difficult People

(How to have that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding)

Week 3

I would like to give you some practical ways to counteract these negative behaviors. Remember, the goal is to preserve the relationship,“if at all possible,” as the scripture says.

Be observant: Recognize the manipulation or the “guilt trip.” We are often vulnerable to manipulation of others and end up doing things we later regret. Have you ever agreed to do something then later regretted it? You think, “Why did I say I would head up that fund raiser?”

Also, be aware of the “guilt trip” others use as a method to control.

Ask yourself these questions: Am I being disrespected? Taken advantage of? Verbally abused? What is lacking in this relationship? What’s important to me? What do I need to confront?

Recognize your feelings. Ask yourself. What are my feelings right now? Feelings are signals and it is important to take note of certain emotions like anger, fear or sadness. God designed these feelings to tell us something is wrong and that we need to take action. A good example of this is the warning light in your car…if you ignore it, then you will likely have a problem with your engine or you might run out of gas. It is the same way with your anger, it is a warning signal that something is wrong and needs our attention. So it’s important to get in touch with your feelings.

Pray! It goes without saying that when you finally decide to have that needed conversation, pray about how you are going to approach the situation. Ask God to show you the truth and how to address it.

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